Gemma Massey Bio

British beauty Gemma Massey was born on September 30, 1984 in Solihull, England. Growing up, the lovely brunette had no idea that one day she would not only become a model, but also a nude model with international recognition.

Gemma was busy one day stacking the cans of baked beans at the local supermarket where she was working when photographer Stuart Randle gave her his card. Her life has been moving quickly ever since.

Her gorgeous 32D-22-32 curves on her petite 5’3″ body have been featured in numerous UK men’s magazines and the internet is quickly filling up with a delicious collection of her sexy photo and video shoots. She is internationally published and busy traveling between the UK and the United States shooting. Her popularity continues to grow.

Through it all, Gemma strives to remain a fun loving and caring person. Although she is loving her travels and meeting new people, she still says that being with her good friends is the thing that makes her most happy and what she looks for most in a guy is someone who is caring and considerate and will make her smile everyday.

Don’t let the latter lead you into thinking that Gemma doesn’t like a little adventure in her life though. This girl can get pretty risky when it comes to sexual fulfillment. She once had sex in an old auto salvage yard. Her biggest sexual fantasy is having her boyfriend watch her in bed with another man and her favorite position is reverse cowgirl because she feels that being on top gives her control.

Gemma Massey has a sexy body, pretty face, adorable accent, and an untamed naughty side that she can’t wait for you to see. In fact, it turns her on.